Cs:Go Prime Status Upgrade (Digital)



Probably the most popular multiplayer FPS has come out with massive news! From now on, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a free game! On top of that, valve jumps on the latest FPS hype train and adds a Battle Royale mode to the game.What does that mean going forward?More than 6 years have passed since the initial CS:GO release, thus, it makes perfect sense for the game to go free by now. Those who have purchased the game before will gain a Loyalty Badge as a ‘Thank You’ from the games’ developers, along with their account being upgraded to Prime status.If new players want to get a Prime status, they now can do so by purchasing it! With the Prime Status the players will be matched up with other players that have Prime Status as well as access to a new Souvenir MP5-SD and a new Danger Zone Case!The Danger Zone Case holds 17 weapon finishes in side, all of which are designed by members of the community, as well as the Horizon knives!

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